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Lambs Farm Sweet Pecans and Salty Cashews

Lambs Farm Sweet Pecans and Salty Cashews

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Sweet Pecans and Salty Cashews

Simply a scrumptious snack year round. Our sweet and salty nut mix is a delicious combination and traditional pairing making it great for snacking and can be addictive to eat. As you build your online gift basket, pick this perfect sweet and salty snack for any snack gift basket! Our Lambs Farm Sweet Pecans and Salty Cashews is a 5 oz. bag and are a special treat and a must for your gift. Make sure to add at least one bag now! You will not be sorry and everyone will be happy.

Lambs Farm

Lambs Farm is a special home for people with disabilities and a special friend of Aunt Laurie's. It is a safe, caring environment and extended family of peers. It is a place for them to contribute to the community, while being as self-sufficient as possible. Your purchase will help our special friends. We sell other Lambs Farm products, so be sure try them all!

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    Each high-quality, reusable Aunt Laurie's basket is handwoven by clients with disabilities learning job skills.