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Beloved Serenity Bath Salts

Beloved Serenity Bath Salts

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Bath Salts

A wonderful spa product for Aunt Laurie's! But, they are much, much more than just bath salts. Our new Beloved Bath Serenity Bath Salts are made by our new special friends working to create meaningful employment for those with autism. Each bath salt container is lovingly packaged and then hand painted at Beloved Bath making them each very unique, special, and one of a kind! So, if you are building an online spa gift basket and want to add soothing bath products, make sure to add one of these beautifully decorated, lavender bath salts. Each jar is 16 oz. and full of Brazilian sea salt and Epson salt perfect to sooth, relax, and unwind in a hot tub after a long day!

Beloved Bath

Beloved Bath's goal is plain and simple - Meaningful employment for people with autism. Art is a special outlet for opening up avenues of expressions and communication. So, the special artwork on each top of the bath salt container has been created with vibrant colors of expression just for you! How cool is that? We are so happy and proud to be a friend of Beloved Bath.

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    Each high-quality, reusable Aunt Laurie's basket is handwoven by clients with disabilities learning job skills.