Collection: Coffee, Tea, Bloody Mary Mix

Coffee, Tea, and Beverages

As you begin to build your own gift basket online, be sure to check out all our coffee, tea, and Bloody Mary mixes! We have Charleston Plantation Teas, Hale teas with beautiful boxes designed my a local artist, Aunt Laurie's Impact coffee that helps adults with disabilities learn job skills, and several very special coffees with a special meanings. Jack's Roast makes a donation to the Lowcountry Autism Foundation and Aspire coffees gives 100% of profits to help adults with disabilities!  And, finally, our special Gabi's Grounds tea help those with disabilities learn job skills.Wahoo!

Bloody Mary Mixes

We also have a few different Bloody Mary mixes to choose from as well. Each are delicious and make perfect gifts and additions to any special gift basket.

Coffee Gifts

Tea Gifts

Aunt Laurie's has some wonderful products to go along in your custom coffee gift basket or tea gift basket. Add a local coffee mug for a nice gift or a bottle of our local honey and a mug for your tea gifts.