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Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket

Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket

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Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket

In our Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket, we've hand picked a delightful assortment of gourmet products, featuring a selection of premium savory snacks, Carolina Co. gourmet peanuts, local honey, peach hot sauce, and delicious hot cranberry pepper jam. Here's how these components come together to create a truly memorable Thanksgiving gifting experience:

  1. Gourmet Peanuts: Our gift basket features premium, freshly roasted and salted peanuts, a snack that adds a satisfying crunch to your holiday gift. They're a versatile treat for everyone.
  2. Snacks: This Thanksgiving gift basket includes more yummy snacks for sharing, such as southern cheese zingers and savory Gullah pimento popcorn. These snacks are perfect for pre-dinner munching or as appetizers, enhancing the overall snacking experience during a Thanksgiving gathering.
  3. Honey: Boasts a jar of pure, golden Savannah Bee honey. Not only does it add a touch of sweetness to any celebratory dishes, but it's also a natural sweetener perfect for drizzling on biscuits, rolls, or desserts for a truly delectable touch.
  4. Sweet Holiday Heat Jam: Completing the savory side, we include a jar of gourmet special edition cranberry jam. Its bold and zesty flavor pairs perfectly with cheeses, charcuterie, and roasted meats, offering a tangy and savory kick to your Thanksgiving feast. Best of all, it is skillfully made by Aunt Laurie's special friends living with Downs Syndrome.
  5. Peach Hot Sauce: A delicious spicy peach sauce that has a little bit of zip from the habanero peppers and garlic. Great for cooking and dipping. Yum!

Thanksgiving Gift Basket

This Thanksgiving, elevate your celebration gifting with our Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket. It's a carefully designed collection of goodness that captures the spirit of gratitude and the joy of the season all while ensuring your gesture of thanks and blessings.

Our Thanksgiving Day Gift Basket is a wonderful way to send your love and cheer to family and friends this holiday season. A beautiful fall colored product pallet has delicious choices to enjoy and to cook with too!

Features include snacks, sauces, grilling honey, festive cranberry hot jam and more make this an easy and thoughtful thinking of you gifts for family and friends.

Maybe you just want to send something quick and simple this holiday season. Or, you are not able to travel and need a special Thanksgiving Day gift to send. Either way, let Aunt Laurie's help make sending your special Thanksgiving gift basket easy and affordable. Order one now!

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    Each high-quality, reusable Aunt Laurie's basket is handwoven by clients with disabilities learning job skills.