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Savannah Candy Kitchen Peanut Brittle

Savannah Candy Kitchen Peanut Brittle

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Savannah Candy Kitchen Peanut Brittle

The classic sweet and southern snack. Savannah Candy Kitchen Peanut Brittle is handmade in real copper kettles using an old Southern family recipe, stirred gently with huge wooden paddles, and then hand stretched. This complete process ultimately produces the best Peanut Brittle in the South. Now, if that isn't southern, then we do not know what is? Handmade, locally made, and delicious. What a perfect combination for a tasty treat for any custom snack gift basket. Make sure you add at this 8 oz. bag in your gift now!

Savannah Candy Kitchen

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has been making candy and memories from scratch for over forty years. WOW...that's quite a long time. They consider it an honor to share their family confections with everyone. Aunt Laurie's loves supporting local businesses, and we sell several of Savannah Candy Kitchen yummy treats. So, make sure you check them all out. You will not be sorry!

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