St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

How else does one become lucky besides finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? By being gifted with a St. Patrick’s Day gift basket by Aunt Laurie’s on one the most happening days of the year, of course! St Patrick’s day, or also known as the feast of St. Patrick, is a cultural & religious celebration that takes place on March 17 in remembrance of one of Ireland’s patron saints. Aunt Laurie’s takes part in this happy tradition by creating irish themed St. Patrick’s Day gift basket ideas. These Irish gift baskets are filled with an assortment of delicious snacks and goodies to feast on during this fun, festive holiday.


The Luck of the Irish Gift Basket

An old wives tale states that according to Irish tradition, it’s bad luck if you do not wear or have something green on this celebrated day and you may get yourself pinched! Well, luckily Aunt Laurie’s hand-woven Irish gift baskets are influenced, decorated and designed with the festive occasion’s rules in mind. With different shades of green accents, the idea of these Irish gift baskets is the protective shield that will keep you and your loved ones fully pinch proof!

Gift Baskets with a Purpose

At Aunt Laurie’s, you get not only one of the most unique and most customizable holiday hampers ideas like St. Patrick’s Day gift baskets, or Irish gift basket ideas, but all of our baskets are handwoven, assembled and shipped from by clients with disabilities. We are on a mission for helping those with disabilities learn new skills and also helping our customers by providing them with the perfect gift baskets that are made and sent with love.

St Patrick’s Day is for everyone, so why shouldn’t everyone get a St. Patrick’s Day gift basket? You’ll have your loved one doing the Irish jig when they receive and St. Patrick’s Day gift basket from you. Happiness is happiness that is shared. So, share the love with those who are around you.

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