Resolve to Give

The new year has finally arrived! And, with it, comes the age old question of “What are your new year’s resolutions?”

Unfortunately for most, research consistently shows that most people quit their resolutions not even four weeks into the new year. With such high rates of unaccomplished goals, it got us thinking, “Why is it that so many people abandon their resolutions?? Maybe our goals are too ambitious, or maybe we have to make a series of smaller changes first, but the one thing we’ve noticed is that almost all resolutions are centered around “me, myself and I.” We spend so much time and effort thinking about ways to improve ourselves or our own personal happiness, we often forget the power we have to change or enhance the lives of those around us.

Each and every special needs individual who has helped to assemble Aunt Laurie’s baskets has also helped to teach us the importance of giving back. Providing them with an educational and progressive place of employment has helped them to realize their full potential and utilize their skills. Watching them grow has been one of the most life-changing and fulfilling parts of creating this business- and is a feeling I wish everyone could experience at some point in their lifetime.

Whether you choose to volunteer somewhere, call your relatives more frequently, support a cause or even do something as simple as send an Aunt Laurie’s basket to a friend or relative for the holidays, a birthday, or just to show you’re thinking about them- I urge to give back this year! When the resolutions that are centered around us just don’t seem to be cutting it, it couldn’t hurt to make a few more that could help to improve the lives of those around us.

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