Making Mother’s Day Extra Special

While it’s easy to dismiss Mother’s Day as just another commercial holiday, it provides a special opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude for the person responsible for bringing us into the world.

Mothers truly are special. They give us life, support us in our life journey, and teach us what it means to live a good life. They love us unconditionally, even at our worst, and rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve.

Indeed, being a mother is often described as being a “thankless job” – and one of the most challenging. According to, the average stay-at-home mom is worth a whopping $143,102, when considering all the roles they play and hats they wear, from cook and housekeeper to laundry operator and psychologist.

Of course, mothers are worth much more than just a number. While we may never be able to repay them for everything they have done and sacrificed for us over the years, we can thank them and help them feel special – which is exactly what Mother’s Day is for.

With that in mind, below are a few special gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Our hand woven gift baskets, and many of the products in them, are made by individuals with disabilities, and make the perfect gift for making Mother’s Day a little extra special this year:

1. This X-Large Basket

Loaded with healthy and natural products perfect for the all natural, health conscious mother. It includes healthy items such as red beans, black eyed peas, honey, okra chips, nuts, salsa, soy candles, natural soap, and more!

2. Pamper Her Special

This gift basket is a collection of fresh all natural lavender bath and spa products, also filled with chocolate, cookies, and flavored sugars and salts, perfect for a mother in need of a little pampering.

3. Luscious Lavender Special Collection

This gift basket boasts a collection of all things lavender, featuring fresh, all natural lavender products, including candles, lotion, bath salts, soap and more.

4. Thinking of You on Mother’s Day

Let your mother know you’re thinking of her with a special basket full of goodies, including lotion, soap, chocolate, salts and more.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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