How Are Aunt Laurie's Unique Gift Baskets Made?

Aunt Laurie's mission to help those with special needs and a variety of disabilities, therefore our unique gift baskets are very different from all the others. Each beautiful and high quality gift basket is handwoven at the South Carolina Rehabilitation Center in Beaufort, South Carolina. Aunt Laurie's supplies the woodshop at center with all the raw materials necessary to make these unique gift baskets. They are well made, reusable, and handsome making them very useful for display in your home, office, or business.

There are four sizes of Aunt Laurie's gift baskets. Each of the unique gift baskets has a template to assist with handweaving at the center. The weave and rope arrives in large spools, The wood use for the bottom of each gift basket is cut to the correct size and then the wood molding strips are cut to the length needed to begin stapling and weaving these beautiful and unique gift baskets.

hand weaving aunt laurie's gift baskets
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