Everyone Deserves To Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

I have always been an admirer of Valentine’s Day. Sure, it has become another massively commercialized holiday, but it’s hard for me to dismiss an occasion that celebrates love and encourages us to let our “special someone” know that they are valued.

While it markets itself as a romantic holiday with bouquets of roses and candlelit dinners reserved for couples, I also see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to share the love with other special people – whether they be grandparents or parents, aunts or uncles, brothers or sisters, friends or coworkers, or even those we don’t know so well who might benefit from a dose of attention and love.

As the owner of a company whose mission is to inspire others to acknowledge the human value in everyone, I naturally turn to individuals with special needs, who make our handmade gift baskets and many of the products in them. Each day I work with these individuals and each day I see the excitement and joy they receive in having the opportunity to engage with others and learn the personal and professional skills that enable them to succeed.

It’s amazing how much light you can bring to the lives of others just through a smile or hug. Indeed, sometimes the simplest acts are the greatest demonstration of love.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be your “thing”, and I certainly don’t believe that showcasing one’s love and appreciation should be confined solely to one day, but I do think that we all can embrace it by extending our love to more than just our “special someone.” Even if it’s a stranger.

After all, don’t you think that everyone deserves to feel the love and “specialness” that this holiday promotes?
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