Embracing The Power of “Random” Giving

I recently came across an article in the Daily Telegraph entiled, "Gift Giving Should Be a Year-long Tradition." Naturally, I was curious what the author had to say and am so glad I took the time to read it.

It may not be a revolutionary idea – giving gifts throughout the year – but it’s one that we sometimes need to be reminded of.

“It’s good to have a reason – like a season for giving,” the author writes. “[B]ut I’m not alone in thinking we can and should give generously, and at random.” 

Alone she is certainly not. Numerous studies have pointed to the health benefits of giving – whether it be giving someone our time and attention or giving a thoughtful present to a friend in need.

In fact, sometimes giving a gift unexpectedly is more meaningful and impactful than giving one on a birthday or special occasion. Think about when you receive a random letter, email or phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in a while: doesn’t it lift your spirits? 

Even if just to say “I appreciate you” or “thank you for being in my life”, there really isn’t an  inappropriate time not to give a gift. After all, giving is a joyful act that can warm the hearts of both the giver and receiver. It might even set off a “chain reaction”, inspiring others to embrace the act of random giving, too.

The holiday season may be over. But the spirit of giving doesn’t have to be.

So, give spontaneously, give randomly, give big or give small. But, most importantly, give lovingly…because each one of us deserves to be loved!

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