Celebrating ADA Awareness Day July 26th

We are excited to celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, which empowers all of those who are disabled to celebrate their own independence on it’s creation date of July 26th.

Supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act is extremely important to our partners and employees. The ADA was created in 1990, and has made a tremendous impact on the lives of people who are affected with a physical or mental condition. This law prohibited all discrimination against Americans who are disabled within State and local government services, places of public accommodation, employment, telecommunications, transportation and more.
This was a huge breakthrough by giving people with these conditions the freedom to be able to be their own independent people and live their own lives to the fullest without any discrimination.

We here at AuntLauries.com are dedicated to helping those who are disabled to feel empowered and showcase their creativity and abilities. We want to make sure they have all the opportunities at hand to learn new skills and live more productive lives. Click here to view our summer favorites created with the help of Americans with disabilities.

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