Celebrate National Relaxation Day with Homemade Spa Gift Baskets

It’s National Relaxation Day! Do you know what that means? This day was created for us to remember to slow down from our very busy, hectic lives and take time to relax. We get so caught up in daily life that we sometimes manage to forget to stop and smell the roses, but this year let’s all stop and give our bodies a treat with Aunt Laurie’s homemade spa gift baskets!

Pampering ourselves may sound like something none of us have time for these days, but how about if we can practice a little self-care right in the comfort of our own home? Aunt Laurie’s homemade spa gift baskets are the perfect solution for an at-home spa experience. These homemade spa gift baskets are jam-packed full of wonderful goodies that are designed to help you relax, de-stress and soothe your body. Asking for a friend? These homemade spa gift baskets are the ultimate gifts for a loved one who is in dire need of some “me” time.

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