Celebrate ADA Awareness Day!

Did you know that the month of July technically has two Independence days? That’s right! On July 4, we celebrate the birthday of America, but on July 26 we celebrate the birthday of the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, which empowers all of those who are disabled to celebrate their own independence.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was born on July 26, 1990, and has made a tremendous impact on the lives of people who are affected with a physical or mental condition. This law prohibited all discrimination against Americans who are disabled in all areas such as:

• State and local government services
• Places of public accommodation
• Employment
• Telecommunications
• Transportation

This was a huge breakthrough by giving people with these conditions the freedom to be able to be their own independent people and live their own lives to the fullest without any discrimination.

In honor of ADA Awareness Day, we would like to proudly bring Nolan Stilwell to your attention. Nolan is a talented and determined young man who despite having down syndrome, wanted to fulfill his dreams. He has a passion for the culinary arts and has a real gift in making his own jams. With his entrepreneur mindset and culinary goals, Nolan Stilwell is now the creator of Sweet Heat Jam Co. in Texas and is at the moment, one of Aunt Laurie’s southern gift baskets newest resources. He is making a real name for himself in the jelly industry selling over 200 cases per month! With the substantial amount of support from Nolan’s family and his community, he was able to get the education that he needed to reach his full potential. He is a true measure of success and we will expect to see great things from Nolan in the future.

Nolan is a great example of a remarkable story of someone with a disability such as down syndrome who had a dream and because of the Americans with Disability Act, was able to pursue that dreams. We are a huge believer in helping those who are disabled to feel empowered and just as important as anyone else. We want to make sure they have all the opportunities at hand to learn new skills and live more productive lives. Now, let’s celebrate this July 26’s ADA Awareness Day with some Sweet Heat Jam!

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