Autism Awareness Day 2020 April 2nd

Autism Awareness Day 2020 April 2nd

Autism Awareness Day is observed every year on April 2nd in order to raise public awareness of autism. Now that 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with Autism each year, it is important to support and accept these members of our community for the wonderful contributions they bring.

How can you support Autism Awareness?

Learn about Autism and Autism Acceptance for yourself and family members with resources such as

Get involved with community efforts to raise awareness and fundraising. Example:

At Aunt Laurie’s, our special friends with autism that make our products are an important aspect of our business. As a company dedicated to our mission, April 2nd is a very special day celebrated, and we invite everyone to celebrate with us. We support individuals with disabilities such as autism and other developmental disabilities to learn new skills and to feel empowered as their own individual person. Aunt Laurie’s works with organizations that employ those who have Autism to empower and teach, as well as, create and hand-weave Gift Baskets.

Aunt Laurie’s is currently celebrating their 5 year anniversary and has several baskets on sale now, Click here to check them out.

Autism Statistics and Facts:

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