Young Plantations Five O-Clock Crunch




Young Plantations Five O-Clock Crunch is a zesty southern snack and a South Carolina tradition made in Florence, South Carolina! Our new Young Plantations Five O-Clock Crunch comes in two different sizes depending on your budget and gift basket size you are building. This wonderful South Carolina snack product is savory and can be enjoyed anytime of the day and with a favorite beverage or two… This crunchy mix is a great addition to any snack gift basket or South Carolina theme gift basket, and it has handsome packaging too. This 3 oz. pouch is full of honey roasted peanuts, cheddar cheese crackers, corn chips, honey mustard pretzels (yum!), honey roasted sesame sticks, and finally chili lemon corn sticks for something unique. This southern treat has something everyone will enjoy, so be sure to add at least one can or pouch to your custom gift basket now! You will not be sorry.