Yep! Steak Sauce


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Yep! Steak Sauce is one of our newest products coming from the Charleston, South Carolina area. We carry Yep! Hot Sauce as well, so check it out too, especially if you are building Charleston Gift Baskets. This steak sauce is good not just on steaks, but on ribs, burgers, fish, baked potatoes, and everything else you love to eat. Yep! Steak Sauce has a deep complex flavor that brings out the best in all your meats and favorite foods. The sauce comes in a handsome 7 oz. flask style bottle, so it is perfect for any South Carolina gift basket, gift basket for men, or a BBQ gift basket. This new and delicious steak sauce is a special combination of spices, tomato sauce, garlic and more. Yum!, no, we mean Yep! You will love giving it and your gift giver will love it too. Make sure to add one bottle of our Yep! Steak Sauce and a bottle of our Yep! Hot Sauce into your Charleston Themed gift basket now!