Walnut Cherry Brittle


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Walnut cherry brittle is a deliciously sweet snack for any gift basket. As you are picking products for your gift basket, this bag of goodness is a sure pick. Our walnut cherry brittle is absolutely addicting.  It is fun to munch as a snack and give as a gift.  This awesome walnut cherry brittle is made with simple and pure ingredients in batches that ensure quality and amazing taste. We also have cinnamon pecan brittle, so make sure you add one of each flavor in your gift basket. This sweet and crispy snack is another one of our South Carolina favorites and a local business. We love supporting small businesses! So, our walnut cherry brittle is a great pick for any snack gift basket, holiday gift, or an office gift. It is delicious, a favorite, and a must for your hand picked gift basket. Add to your gift basket now!