Waggie’s All-Natural Dog Biscuits – Sweet Potato


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Waggie’s All-Natural Dog Biscuits are an Aunt Laurie’s favorite. They are great for gifts going to dog lovers, and they are also one of our best sellers! These dog biscuits are flavorful sweet potato dog biscuits made with organic sweet potatoes, whole wheat flour, corn oil, and skim milk. No artificial sweeteners added. Our dog biscuits are all taste tested by Aunt Laurie’s Trapper the Wonder Dog, and he loves both flavors! So, if you’re building a gift basket for a friend or family member that owns a dog or is a dog lover, make sure to add at least one bag of our Waggie’s All-Natural Dog Biscuits. You won’t be sorry, and the pups will be happy too!

Our all natural dog biscuits are lovingly baked by our special friends with autism at Waggies! Waggies by Maggie & Friends is a non-profit dog treat company whose mission is to employ persons with intellectual disabilities. We’ve been a long time supportor of Waggies by Maggie & Friends. We are proud of our special bakers!