Thanksgiving Gluten Free Cookies




Thanksgiving Gluten Free Cookies make great additions to any snack gift basket or a special Thanksgiving gift basket for all ages! Our  Gluten Free Thanksgiving cookies are hand made at a local bakery just for Aunt Laurie’s, so they are made to order. To ensure freshness, each cookie will come individually wrapped and will take a few days to be made prior to your Thanksgiving gift can be shipped. Choose which design you want from the pumpkin, oak green leaf, or the orange leaf and how many of each you want.  You can make a gift basket just full of cookies or add them to any of our other gift baskets. We will size the basket for you. Or, you can build your own Thanksgiving custom gift basket. Each hand made Thanksgiving gluten free cookie is carefully decorated with delicious brightly colored frosting and taste delicious. Cookies are priced for individual sales.