Sweet Heat Mustard


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Sweet Heat Mustard is another new product and limited edition flavor for Aunt Laurie’s. This little jar is full of mustard with an attitude and is a kickn’ condiment! Sweet Heat Mustard is a go-to condiment for the extra zip on your favorite sandwiches, hot dogs, sausage, or whatever you like, as it is good on just about everything. It is made with a perfect blend of mustard, jalapenos, and a touch of sweetness that makes everyone’s mouth pucker and smile all at the same time. Do not forget to bring this little jar of Sweet Heat Mustard along to tailgating parties, backyeard BBQ’s, or summertime fun! Your friends will thank you for it.

These jars of mustard have a very special connection. Nolan Stillwell is the creator of Sweet Heat Jams. He is very talented, as he is a culinary artist and a gardener who happens to have Down Syndrome. We are so proud of Nolan and happy to now offer a few different flavors of his Sweet Heat Jams and this new mustard. Try them all out!

Your purchase of a jar of Sweet Heat Mustard provides self-sustaining employment for young adults with intellectual disabilities. We are thrilled to support Nolan, and hope you add at least one jar of Sweet Heat Mustard or Jam in your gift basket today!