Spectrum Bakes Granola Bars




Spectrum Bakes Granola Bars are one of Aunt Laurie’s healthy and meaningful products. We are so proud to now carry Spectrum Bakes granola bars, as they are baked by very special friends of Aunt Laurie’s that our learning job skills so that their lives can change for the better! How awesome is that? Our Spectrum Bakes granola bars come in Sweet Cranberry and Chocolate Chunk flavors and are non GMO, kosher, and pack less calories per ounce than most mass-produced bars. They are a great source of fiber with no cholesterol. wow! And, they taste great.

If you are building a custom online gift basket for a health freak or just looking to send a healthy gift basket, you must add at least one of these delicious Spectrum Bakes Sweet Cranberry Granola Bars or Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars now. We will have other flavors of granola bars from Spectrum Bakes, so make sure you check them out too.  The better bar…changing lives for the better.