Southern Style Cornbread Mix


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Southern Style Cornbread Mix is one of Aunt Laurie’s newest products. It is a logical addition to our selections, as cornbread is a southern favorite. When you buy our Southern Style Cornbread Mix for your gift basket, you are adding a slice of history. It is easy to make with this mix. Cornbread goes nicely when served with seafood, chicken, pork, or any BBQ. Or, many simply enjoy as a snack. Always good served warm with a little butter…yum. So, enjoy a taste of the south with this Southern Style Cornbread Mix, as it is stone ground. Easy to make in a just one skillet. It is made from cornmeal milled on traditional granite stones in South Carolina. 16 oz. package. Add one to your Lowcountry, southern gift basket today! You won’t be sorry.