Southern Pecan Praline Patty



Southern Pecan Praline Patty is just the perfect little addition to any custom or southern gift basket. Our new delicious Southern Pecan Praline Patty taste as good as it looks, so most people most likely will want to add a couple to a custom gift basket. Praline pecans are a southern traditional snack and just truly hard to beat. These little sweet treats have huge chunks of pecans in a melte of sweet ingredients so they are unbelievably delicious and a must have for any snack gift basket. Since our Southern Pecan Praline Patties are a bit large than one bite, you can take your time savoring this little sweet nugget. Make sure you add at least one of our Southern Pecan Praline Patties in your custom gift basket now! You will not be sorry and everyone will love it, so maybe you should just add two just to be safe!