Soup’s On!



Soups On! is a really useful and clever gift basket to send to your gourmet chef or anyone that loves soup! Our Soups On! basket makes a great all around gift basket or for any special occasion gift. It also makes a great hostess gift basket too. We loaded up this unique basket with a variety of products to make several different types of soups such as Charleston’s Specialty Foods Lowcountry red beans, triple split peas, Lowcountry hoppin’ John black eyed peas, 13 bean super soup mix, and we added some Lowcountry rice for fun. Lastly, we included a little bottle of Yep! fire sauce and finished it off with a package of hickory smoked country ham hock for making the bean or pea soup. How awesome of a gift is this? Send this useful and unique gift basket to any of your friends or family for a special time or holiday season and maybe they will make you a warm, bowl of homemade soup…yum. Send one now!