Smokin’ Coals Original Sauce


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Smokin’ Coals Original Sauce is an award winning sauce that has received praises from back yard grilling lovers, Master BBQ judges, and competition cook teams alike. With its sweet tang, light peppery finish and just a hint of citrus, Smokin’ Coals has impressed southern cooks. In the south, barbecue is not just food, but it is a way of life! And, it’s also a Certified South Carolina Product.

Smokin’ Coals Original Sauce is a must if you are building a BBQ gift basket, Father’s Day gift basket, or a want to give a unique and authentic grill sauce that is great on everything from pork, beef, seafood, burgers, and even veggies. This 16 oz. bottle is irresistible, mouthwatering, and seriously addictive. Smokin’ Coals Original Sauce can be used for dipping, basting and even marinating. It pretty much is good for everything. Add at least one now to your lowcountry, BBQ, or grilling gift basket now! Heck, get a bottle for yourself too!