Oyster Knife


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Oyster Knife with a nice wooden handle is a must for any Lowcountry Boil gift basket. Eating oysters is a local and southern tradition. It is very rare not to see oysters, crabs, shrimp, or clams on a southern menu or in a southern or coastal recipe. Oyster knives are utensils that are used to pry open the hard shell of an oyster or clam in order to remove the meat. Typically, the knife will have a sharp, beveled blade that can be inserted into the tightly closed shell to pry the shell apart. The blade is then used to cut through the muscle and oyster membrane. If you are building a gift basket with all the traditional products such as shrimp and grits, hush puppy mix, BBQ sauce, hot sauces, crab dip mix and other items, do not forget to add an oyster knife. They make useful gifts and a must add to any Lowcountry basket!