Mrs. Sassard’s Jerusalem Artichoke Relish



Mrs. Sassard’s Jerusalem Artichoke Relish has been a South Carolina and Lowcountry favorite for years! Not made from an artichoke and not from Jerusalem, but it is made from a sunchoke or sunroot. The pilgrims are believed to have named this best selling Mrs. Sassard’s product, but no one is for sure. Mrs Sassard’s Jerusalem Artichoke Relish is made from fresh, high quality ingredients and has been a staple of South Carolina and Charleston families for years. Many serve as a garnish, spread on crackers, a condiment, or it gets mixed in salads and many other dishes. So, if you are looking to build a southern South Carolina themed gift basket or Charleston gift basket, be sure to add at least one 15 oz. glass jar of Mrs. Sassard’s Jerusalem Artichoke Relish. It is unique, different, and simply southern. You will not be sorry and may want to buy a jar for yourself too!