Mrs. Sassard’s Artichoke Relish


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Mrs. Sassard’s Artichoke Relish is a jar full of southern goodness. Artichoke relish has long been a staple and tradition of the Lowcountry for generations, and Mrs. Sassard’s Artichoke Relish will continue to be produced according to the original recipe from 1917. It must be good to be made that long. Artichoke relish is fantastic on just about everything as a condiment or served by itself for dipping. Great to serve at parties, for cooking, and snacking too. A 15 oz. glass jar. Don’t forget to also add our other southern traditions like peach preserves, sweet potato butter, red beans, Lowcountry rice, and our BBQ sauces when making a special gift basket. Your recipient will be surprised and thankful, as your gift will be useful and delightful! Buy yours now.