Lowcountry Tangy BBQ Sauce


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Lowcountry Tangy BBQ Sauce is one of Aunt Laurie’s newest hot sauces from Georgia Land & Cattle, a Savannah, Georgia based company owned and operated by a local disabled veteran. We love supporting local businesses and veteran owned businesses, so Georgia Land & Cattle is a perfect fit for Aunt Laurie’s. Lowcountry Tangy BBQ sauce is made with a mustard base, a tradition of the Lowcountry! This sauce is made with a special belnd of seasonings, spices, molasses, garlic, and more giving this sauce an awesome and unique flavor. We suggest using as a treat on pork, chicken, and fish. You can use this Lowcountry Tangy BBQ Sauce as a dipping sauce or on sandwiches as well. 13.5 oz. Add this BBQ sauce to your basket, as it’s a must for any southern gift basket!