Lowcountry Okra Chips


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Lowcountry Okra Chips are an Aunt Laurie’s best seller. Many may not know that Okra has been a popular southern vegetable since the early 1700’s. These Lowcountry Okra Chips are crunchy, unique and hard to stop eating. They can also be added to salads, soups and other of your favorite recipes. Okra was brought to Charleston and later introduced to colonial America in the early 1700s. Okra is widely planted throughout the American South in vegetable gardens and as a farmed crop. Lowcountry Okra Chips are a typical Lowcountry staple and a local favorite snack. These dried chips are lightly salted and ready to eat. Not only are they a southern tradition, they are also a healthy snack.  This 2 oz. bag makes a great addition to any gift basket. If you are building a snack basket, a health nut gift basket, or a Charleston Themed gift basket, Lowcountry Okra Chips are a must.