Lowcountry Boil


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Lowcountry Boil is the absolute Lowcountry, traditional, southern meal. All visitors to the south love to experience this famous, yet simple South Carolina food that is usually served outside, to a large group, on a table covered with newspaper, and everyone just digs in…how fun! So, if you want to send a gift basket with a sampling of some the necessary South Carolina food products and accompaniments for prepping a Lowcountry boil meal, this gift basket is worth a look.  Our Lowcountry Boil gift basket is a medium sized sampling of South Carolina food items such as seafood Mother Shuckers cocktail sauce, southern spinach dip and coastal crab dip mixes, Lowcountry rice, a bag of shrimp and grits mix, hot sauce, and seasonings. All the recipient needs to add is the oysters, shrimp, crabs and corn. Our Lowcountry Boil is a special gift from the south and fun to receive, especially if they love seafood. Send your South Lowcountry Boil today! Your recipient will suring enjoy this thoughtful South Carolina gift basket!