Eden’s Farmacy Honey


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Edens’ Farmacy honey is a jar of locally and naturally made honey from Eden’s Farmacy in Bluffton, South Carolina. Eden’s Farmacy believes that healing comes from healthy, non GMO, sustainable, organic produce and bee products. Not a pill. Another local business that Aunt Laurie’s loves to support, and we are proud to offer this awesome wholesome honey. Honey is a wonderful and healthy complement to teas, beverages, snacks, cooking, and so much more. Some people like a spoon full every morning just for the benefits. Fresh, local honey is hard to beat and lasts almost forever! 8 oz. jar Buidling a basket for a health nut, tea or coffee lover, or one with all local products? Combine our Eden’s Farmacy honey with one of our Bluffton Teas or Aunt Laurie’s Purple Passion Tea and biscotti. They make a perfect match. Be sure not to forget to add a jar of Eden’s Farmacy honey to your gift basket!