Lilly and Sons Honey


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Lilly and Sons honey is a bottle pure and natural of local honey from a farm in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Honey is a natural source of healing since it is from healthy, non GMO, sustainable, organic produce and bee products. Not a pill. Another local business that Aunt Laurie’s loves to support, and we are proud to offer this awesome wholesome honey. Honey is a wonderful and healthy complement to teas, beverages, snacks, cooking, and so much more. Some people like a spoon full every morning just for the benefits. Fresh, local honey is hard to beat and lasts almost forever! Building a basket for a health nut, tea or coffee lover, or one with all local products? Combine Plantation Teas or Aunt Laurie’s Purple Passion Tea and biscotti. They make a perfect match. Be sure not to forget to add a bottle of Lilly and Sons honey to your gift basket now!