Lavender Sugar Scrub


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Lavender Sugar Scrub is wonderfully scented and handmade for Aunt Laurie’s. Looking for a useful and calming item to add to your gift basket? Then this is the little white jar you want to add to your spa, lavender, birthday or bridal gift. Gently rubbing this soothing lavender scrub onto to skin will exfoliate dead skin and moisturize while smelling oh so good! yay! Chemical free and naturally scented. 4 oz. jar

Every Lavender Sugar Scrub is handmade for Aunt Laurie’s by autistic young adults at Crafters for Life. Crafters For Life empowers students with Autism to create quality products for sale, with the goal of transitioning them into contributing members of a self-sufficient work force. We are proud to be friends and supporters of our special friends!