Lambs Farm Blackberry Preserves


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Lambs Farm Blackberry Preserves is one of our favorite preserves. It is made with only the finest ripe and juicy fruit made at Lambs Farm. Our blackberry preserves are made with a mission! An exceptional blackberry preserve that is good on toast, biscuits, sauces, and many other uses. Combine with one of our coffees, teas, biscuits, cookies, butters, or biscotti to make a unique and useful gift basket anyone will enjoy! Buy your jar of Lambs Farm Blackberry Preserves now. We have other Lambs Farm products too, so check them out! 10 oz jar

Lambs Farm is a special home for people with disabilities and a special friend of Aunt Laurie’s. It is a safe, caring environment and extended family of peers. It’s a place for them to contribute to the community, while being as self-sufficient as possible.