Palmetto Farms Hush Puppy Mix


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Palmetto Farms Hush Puppy Mix are a South Carolina and southern favorite. They are stone ground right here in South Carolina. Our Palmetto Hush Puppy Mix is a quick and easy way to make delicious hush puppies with stone ground cornmeal. They make a great appetizer, especially when served with butter. yum!  What can be more southern than hush puppies and seafood? They are a local favorite and tradition at all the local seafood restaurants and all around the south. They are wheat free too!! This Palmetto Farms Hush Puppy Mix is also made with the finest NON-GMO corn, and they are certified gluten free. 2 pounds of mix per hand sewn cloth bag, so it is a large bag full of goodness. Add with our red beans, Lowcountry rice, sauces, and peach preserves for a yummy gift for anyone looking for that southern flair! Buy a nice cloth bag today!