Hugo Coffee Roasters – Roll Over Blend



Hugo Coffee Roasters – Roll Over Blend is a new product for Aunt Laurie’s. Trapper the Wonder Dog is proud to support the Hugo Coffee Roasters based in Park City, Utah. Every bag purchased supports dog recues! So, drink coffee and safe dogs…YAY! This Roll Over Breakfast Blend is a smooth nutty, maple and milk chocolate blend making getting out of bed much easier. It is sure to put a smile on your face. Each bag of Roll Over Blend is ethically sourced, sustainably roasted, and socially minded. How cool is that? So, if you are building your own gift basket online for a coffee lover or dog lover, make sure to add at least one bag of the delicious, easy going, dog saving coffee. This bag is 12 oz. of ground coffee with  awesome labeling and handsome graphics, so your gift basket will look and taste great. Buy a bag or add a bag to your dog lover gift basket now and help save the rescue dogs! Trapper will be thankful too.