Hand Silkscreen Red Crab Kitchen Towel


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Hand Silkscreen Red Crab Kitchen Towel is one of Aunt Laurie’s best sellers! This all white cotton kitchen towel has been silkscreened with a red crab just for Aunt Laurie’s. It is a perfect addition to any Lowcountry, southern gift basket, as the crab is a typical symbol in the south and, actually, also the entire eastern side of the country. We love our seafood in the south, so a crab kitchen towel is a logical choice. They make nice gifts for all ages, as they are useful and unique. You can never have too many kitchen towels. Add one of each design to your gift basket now!

The silk screening for these kitchen towels is done by clients with a variety of disabilities at the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department in Beaufort, SC learning job skills. This is the same facility where all the baskets are handwoven and assembled for Aunt Laurie’s. We love supporting and helping our local individuals with disabilities as they work to be more productive!