Gummy Sharks


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Gummy Sharks are cool and fun to eat! Add a bag of nifty colored blue and white gummy sharks from the Chocolate Canopy on Hilton Head Island to any snack gift basket. While most people think of gummy treats around the Easter holiday for Easter baskets, our gourmet gummy sharks are good all year round. These little sugary critters are a must for any snack or goodie gift basket. Our brightly color gummy sharks are bursting with flavors and kids of all ages will love them. Combine with any of our other peanut brittle, nuts, cookies, snacks, or chocolate to make your snack food gift basket extra special. These gummy sharks are great for sharing, so they are great for office gifts, birthday gifts, or any special event.

Aunt Laurie’s loves supporting local businesses and offering their products. The Chocolate Canopy is a local favorite and tourists love to visit the storefront as well. We proudly offer several of their products.