Gourmet Gift Basket Delight


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Gourmet Gift Basket Delight has just about anything a gourmet foodie would enjoy! Our Gourmet Gift Basket Delight has a little bit of a southern flair to it, as we assembled a nice collection of local and southern products sure to delight any gourmet cook. This unique gift basket includes products such as shrimp and grits mix, sauces, local seasonings, okra, sweet heat jam and more. It is such an awesome and useful assortment of local favorites that we think your gourmet foodie will enjoy. Especially, if they love to cook or sample southern goodness, we are sure they will have fun sampling all the different products in their favorite dishes.  So, if you need a nicely sized gourmet gift basket, then send our Gourmet Gift Basket Delight. The Creek Sauce will be replaced with Vidalia Peppercorn dressing. Order one today and you will make the recipient thankful and appreciative of your thoughtful and useful gift!