Gillespie’s Canned Peanuts – Salt and Pepper


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Gillespie’s Canned Peanuts – Salt and Pepper are the finest quality peanuts from a farm in Hartsville, South Carolina. They are simply delicious, traditional salt and pepper roasted peanuts. These peanuts have been an Aunt Laurie’s best-seller for any type of gift basket.  This 10 oz. can is great for sharing, parties, holiday gifts, or any special occasion. The farm grows 100% high-oleic peanuts, which means an inherently higher percentage of monosaturated fats (the “good” fats) Due to this chemistry, Gillespie’s peanuts also benefit from a longer-shelf life than peanuts of other breeds. This variety of peanut is more resistant to field disease which makes high-oleic peanuts more sustainable for us to grow. Gillespie’s Peanuts are freshly packaged after shelling for a healthier and tastier snacking experience. Buy your can now! If you are sending a snack or Lowcountry gift basket, add a can of these Gillespie’s Canned Peanuts – Salt and Pepper now.