Father’s Day Cookie Monster


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Father’s Day Cookie Monster gift basket is exactly just that. It is a cookie gift basket that is absolutely full of all varieties of different and delicious cookies any cookie monster will surely love! Our gift baskets for men have a couple very special individually wrapped cookies included, as they are hand decorated with a special Happy Father’s Day message. These are available for a limited time, so we included them with this special Father’s Day gift basket. In addition to these custom designed cookies, you will send some of our favorites including shortbreads, butter cookies, chocolate chip (yum!), lemon snaps, molasses spice, peach, chocolate espresso, and more. WOW! We are impressed that this gift basket for men is loaded with such a cool assortment of fresh cookies, so we are sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy it! So, if the cookie monster in your life is celebrating Father’s Day, you cannot go wrong by sending this special gift basket. Send one now!