Crispy, Sweet, and Salty


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Crispy, Sweet, and Salty is a winner! Who does not like snacking? This awesome gift basket is a great gift for sharing or for any occasion! It has something salty, something sweet, and something crispy, so everyone will love it. All the treats are fun to eat and so, it is fun to send. This goodie basket is a sure winner. It is also one of Aunt Laurie’s best sellers, as it hard to beat. This unique gift basket is loaded full of local snacks and goodies including praline pecans, salt water taffy, shortbread, brittle, salted peanuts, key lime coolers, and a pecan bar! WOW! A great gift for thank you gifts, office gifts, family gifts, happy birthday gifts or any life event. If you need a larger gift, we have several other larger snack gift baskets too. When you need an easy, fast, yet appreciative gift, send this crispy, sweet and salty gift basket today! You will not be sorry.