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Creek Sauce is one of our best sellers and a long time favorite for Lowcountry Boil gift baskets. It is one of the Lowcountry’s finest sauce you will ever find! Creek Sauce is the best Southern Seafood Sauce out there…period. A local Beaufort, South Carolina one-of-a-kind seafood sensation! A hybrid between a tarter and cocktail sauce, and it is perfect on almost anything, not just seafood. A must try on meat, pork, fish, or as a dipping sauce. Heck, put it on your hot dog! A Certified South Carolina product, there is nothing else like it around. A mix of special seasonings, spices, peppers, and flavorings makes this Creek Sauce very special. We love supporting local businesses at Aunt Laurie’s, so this sauce is a great addition to our selections. If you are building a southern, Lowcountry, or foodie gourmet gift basket, make sure to add one to your basket. You won’t be sorry!