Charleston’s Own White Grits


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Charleston’s Own White Stone Ground Grits are a unique taste of the Lowcountry and a long time southern tradition. These grits are made from select corn that is ground on a traditional granite mill stones to provide an old fashioned texture and flavor. Grits are a southern staple and have been a fixture in Charleston, South Carolina and lowcountry cooking since the original settlement of 1670. These Charleston’s Own White Stone Ground Grits can be served with breakfast, lunch or dinner or all by themselves for a mid day snack. The grits come in a 16 oz (1 lb) cloth bag with red ribbon, so they look great in any lowcountry, southern, gourmet gift basket!

Along with several of our other southern and South Carolina traditional products, these white bags of stone ground grits are great for party gifts or wedding favors when you want to share a little bit of the Lowcountry with your guests. Check out our pancake mix, hush puppy mix, or skillet cornbread mix too!