Bluffton BBQ Sauce



Bluffton BBQ Sauce is from a local and favorite restaurant in Bluffton, South Carolina. You can not go wrong with this yummy sauce. Bluffton BBQ Sauce is medium hot and made with a hot pepper base and with garlic, onion, and seasonings. Bluffton BBQ Sauce is made in the Lowcountry making it a southern original and a local favorite. If you ever visit the Bluffton, South Carolina area, make sure you stop and eat at the Bluffton BBQ in beautiful downtown Bluffton! This sauce is great for dipping and marinating. It is also a great sauce for grilling pork, chicken, or fish, and is even gluten free. If you are looking for authentic and local products, make sure to add this sauce to your gift basket. It is a perfect addition to your southern, grilling, gourmet, or Lowcountry gift basket. 5 oz. Add a Bluffton BBQ Sauce to your basket now!