Blue Moon Yep! Original Seasoning



Blue Moon Yep! Original Seasoning is a South Carolina made product. Some people like to ask, “Is it good on chicken? Yep! Is it good on fish? Yep! How about veggies? Yep!” This unique blend of all-natural seasonings is good on pretty much everything except ice cream and cinnamon buns. But, maybe you could get creative and try it on your favorite foods. Use this Blue Moon Yep! Original Seasoning as a stand-alone seasoning, as well as, a substitute for salt & pepper in everyday cooking. This is Blue Moon’s #1 selling product for a reason – give it a shake and you’ll soon find that you can’t live without it! Add at least one of this Blue Moon original seasoning shake to any holiday, Lowcountry, southern, gourmet gift basket. Made in South Carolina. 4 oz. Everyone will love it and you will be a hero! Maybe you should get one for yourself too?