Bloody Mary Blast


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Bloody Mary Blast is one of Aunt Laurie’s unique and useful gift baskets for any season or unique gift need. This Bloody Mary Blast gift basket idea includes everything need to make a outstanding Bloody Mary or to sooth a southern kickin’ hangover. Our Bloody Mary Blast includes our favorite local Bloody Point Bloody Mary mix, Sea Island Bloody Mary rimmer, Granna’s okra, local hot sauce, cornbread mix and cookies (for the morning after), a lavender eye pillow to heat or chill to help any hangover headache, and Aunt Laurie’s Bluffton Blend coffee to open the eyes! This Bloody Mary Blast gift basket is a fun gift for college students, your partying friends, or great for a family gift! Bloody Mary Blast is an excellent holiday gift as well. If you are looking for a different gift or need a gift for someone who loves Bloody Mary’s, then you need to look no further. Order you Bloody Mary Blast gift basket now!