Biscotti – 3 pack


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Biscotti – 3 pack are individually wrapped biscotti made with love by the special autistic bakers at SMILE Biscotti. The pack of 3 come in a variety of delicious flavors and they will vary with the season. Biscotti are great with our coffee, tea, honey, and any of our other snacks and treats. Make sure to add our SMILE biscotti to any of your special gift baskets! A simple yet delicious treat. You simply can’t go wrong!

SMILE Biscotti is an entrepreneurial bakery business founded by Matt Resnik, following his graduation from high school in 2013. SMILE stands for Supporting My Independent Living Enterprise, and was created to help Matt and others like him, who are impacted by autism, make advancements in life skills development, social connections and pathways toward greater independence. Aunt Laurie’s is proud to support SMILE Biscotti, and we happy to sell their special biscotti! Every biscotti we sell helps some very special bakers.